Striking Balance - A Documentary Series about Canada's Biosphere Reserves
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The United Nations has recognized 16 laboratories in Canada, but these are not normal research facilities with lab coats and Bunsen burners. These are laboratories for sustainable development known as Biosphere Reserves. Biosphere Reserves are volunteer-driven, grassroots initiatives, where communities have made a commitment to work together to find innovative approaches to living and working in harmony with nature.

Join us on a journey across Canada, as we look at our nation’s breathtaking Biosphere Reserves in this cinematic documentary series. We’ll explore the amazing places that make up our Biosphere Reserves and what makes them special, from geological, ecological, historical and cultural perspectives. We’ll meet the passionate people who have overcome tremendous challenges on their quest to find a balance between economic prosperity and environmental protection, in this vast and resource rich country. And we’ll investigate the Reserves as “living laboratories” by joining academics, citizen-scientists, and indigenous knowledge keepers in their research to create a more sustainable future for both Canadians and the environments in which we live.

Filmed using IMAX-like, 6K digital cinema cameras - spectacular aerial, motion capture time-lapse and nature photography will be complimented by an original score. 2D and 3D animation will take us back into deep time to explore how these landscapes, and our relationships to them, have evolved over millennia. Interviews with experts on-site, and footage of research and grassroots programming in-action will take us right into the communities that are changing how we live and interact with nature today.

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Our Biosphere Reserves

There are 16 Biosphere Reserves in Canada located across eight provinces, which have a positive impact on the lives of the two million people, living and working within their boundaries.

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Striking Balance is a project of Living History Multimedia Association, created in partnership with the Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association, and with support of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

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